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ITG provides an extensive range of consultative, out-sourcing, project management, design and development services. Some of the major regions that ITG are involved in are USA, China, Macao, Mongolia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia. We work with every client to evaluate their specific needs, and determine the service and solution that's right for them. Whether you're interested in planning and building a major hosting center, are looking for expert management/operational knowledge, or are looking to automate a portion of your business, ITG Group can provide the right solution for your business.

View more information on a few of the core services that ITG offers:
 Design &Development | Project Management | IT Operations | Out Sourcing 

Design & Development Services

The scope of services offered by ITG is extensive. It begins with design, development, market potential, concept development and feasibility studies. During the pre-development phase we provide our clients with design briefs and feasibility studies. When needed, appropriate consultants are identified to compliment the combined experience of the ITG team for each project.

ITG has the capabilities to design, development, implement and manage systems ranging from small embedded hardware designs to major software systems. ITG has extensive experience in designing and developing major networks, data centers, hosting centers, surveillance (cctv) systems, access control, and property management systems. Having worked together closely for many years both in the US domestic market and internationally, we provide a knowledge base and technical experience that translates to cost savings and profit for our customers.

Project Management

ITG Project Management Services oversees the planning, design, follow up, coordination and development of the total project from start to finish, significantly reducing the project owner's tasks. ITG total management approach provides control and coordination of all involved parties—from architects, mechanical & electrical consultants to structural engineers. Using our seasoned team of professionals, our customers are able to avoid costly mistakes in order to meet deadlines and budget requirements.

IT Operations

ITG provides a comprehensive set of services for all operational phases of IT departments. Our services includes preparing budgets, financial planning, working capital requirements, staffing, salary guidelines, and recruitment schedules. We provide operating policies, printed and electronic collateral design, staff requirements and management. We also conduct and support, lease negotiations, concession contracts, site visits and inspections. Our continuous detailed progress reports keep customers in touch with projects at all times.

Ongoing IT management consists of identifying key objectives for the IT operations team and implementation through the IT Manger. We work with the IT departments to set objectives and thresholds. This includes accounting, administration, cost control, maintenance, concept implementations and IT operations.

Out Sourcing

ITG can fill your out-sourcing needs, from custom hardware and software to managing or operating your data center. ITG has an excellent track record of project completion on time and under budget.

Additional Services

The services listed above are just a few of the consulting services that ITG Group offers. We provide additional services in the following areas:

  • Design, Development, Maintenance & Management of:
    • Custom designed Hardware and Software Solutions
    • Embedded System Design
    • Network & Data Center Design and Management
    • Telephony based systems
    • Kiosk
    • Out-sourcing and Management of IT Services
    • Firewall Design & Intrusion Detection / Prevention
    • WEB Design & Hosting
    • e-Commerce
    • High Speed ISP for Business Solutions
    • System Integration
    • e-Commerce
  • System Design, Tender Process and Project Management of
    • Surveillance (CCTV, Video over IP) Systems
    • Access Control / Security Systems
    • Operational Management
    • Online Hosting
    • Online Gaming
    • Hotel Property Management Systems
    • PBX (Voice over IP)
    • Audio Systems
    • Video Displays and Systems
    • Point-of-Sale Systems
    • Food & Beverage Control Systems
    • Inventory Control Systems
    • Uniform and Linen Tracking Systems
    • Financial G/L, A/R, & A/P Systems
      • Time & Attendance
      • Payroll Systems
      • Human Resource Systems
      • Marketing Systems
    • Convention Services Systems
    • Casino Systems
      • Casino Management Systems
      • Slot and Patron Tracking/Loyalty Systems
      • Table Management Systems
      • Cage and Credit Systems
      • Race & Sports Betting Systems
      • Bingo Systems
      • Lottery Systems

    If you are interested in learning more about the services we offer, or would like to contact us for a possible business engagement, please visit the ITG contacts page for more information.

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