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ITG is a technology management and development company originally established in the USA in 1990 and moved to Macau in 2004. The company was created by bringing together some of the finest professionals in the industry. ITG offers consulting, design, development, implementation and management services for projects ranging from high-end data centers to low-level design of embedded systems. We have over 80 years combined experience in the Hospitality, Casino and other Industries focusing on Networks, Data Centers, Server Farms, Access Control, PBX, Security and Surveillance. Our commitment is to remain innovative and at the forefront of creativity in the Information Technology industry. Read below to learn more about ITG and our beliefs.

Our Mission:
"We are committed to achieving high returns for our owners and are devoted to our customers, our team members and our business partners. We achieve excellence through emphasis on design and comprehensive execution."


As the IT industry becomes more and more competitive, we see differentiation as a key element in product development and positioning. ITG identifies under-developed niches in the market, worldwide. Our talents and ability to execute make us leaders in our industry. Our outstanding resumes speak for themselves. We work on the premise that our clients are looking for IT solutions that will translate to profit margins. Combining years of domestic and International IT experience, we create unique solutions that are state of the art and fit our customers needs.

Management Style

We live in a fast changing world. The technological revolution has led to rapid evolution of customer demands and consumer trends. Even in fast growing Asia there have been many casualties. Understanding and dealing in emerging and changing markets is what we do best. We do not treat technology as a commodity, but as a tool to successfully develop and implement solutions for our customers. Solutions that will take them into the future. We are leaders and maintain that leadership by focusing on key success factors and concepts. We make vision a reality.

We place importance on the creative concept development, and are sensitive to state of the art solutions. With ITG every detail is thought through and critically analyzed, from initial design to implementation and management. We continuously redefine our technology concepts by reviewing the advantages and disadvantages. Thus, we create the most appropriate product for each of our projects. Our implementations complete the process by closely working with the Client by adapting policies, procedures and systems according to the local environment.


People are paramount in the technology industry. We therefore, place a great deal of emphasis on committing resources that choose the right people. Once on board, ideas such as Team Member development and training, Team Member recognition, cross training, performance based pay incentives; empowerment and quality focus groups are conventional wisdom. We instill strong market orientation and financial discipline among all Team Members. We are able to achieve strong commitment through loyalty and a feeling of ownership and belonging. Our employees are referred to as Team Members and are empowered to do their job.

We are a dynamic team and company, and are able to avoid the bureaucracy often associated with large corporations. We source talented and experienced technology Managers who are entrepreneurial and bring innovation to the product. We make this work by allowing our IT Managers and designers significant freedoms and autonomy. We mentor and monitor each operation with clear guidelines for financial targets, technologies, best practices, and essential controls for procedures and systems. We provide a framework that allows our IT Managers to achieve success and obtain accountability for their projects.

For more information on the world-class services that ITG provides, please visit the Services page.

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